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Golden Glove Hits is a mean, lean, traffic producing machine. You start surfing and the bell rings, from the first few jabs till the end of round 12, you'll know you came to the right place to give your website a workout it will never forget. Blood, sweat and traffic is what it's all about. We are always in your corner shouting.

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It's real simple, just click on join now, start promoting your site in our ring and we will give it a non-stop TKO workout. What Golden Glove Hits brings to the fight is nothing short of a flurry of deadly 1-2 combos, some knockout punches and a few jabs at it's own expense. We'll fix your website right up with a left hook.

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You want the best quality traffic and an uppercut of tools to give you that extra push your website needs to be called a champion. Golden Glove Hits guarantees to come out swinging from the moment you add your site in rotation until it gets knocked out cold and left laying on the mat gasping for air and begging for more.

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More Ringside Information....


When that bell rings, come out throwing sucker punches at no charge and no penalties.


Thousands of fighters are sending their sites and banners a combo of intense, hard hitting traffic.


Golden Glove Hits is a Brand Booster: Brand yourself with a right cross followed by an uppercut.


Send your site the extra punch it needs for a standing eight count with Golden Glove Hits.


Just like a laser targeted hard right straight to the glass jaw of an amateur Southpaw fighter.


A Huge Downline Builder, giving your marketing efforts that Kidney Punch it deserves.

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Adel Elassy

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